Мои тренинги в Европе (Communications in management).

lillebaelt university teachingВ октябре я провела три тренинга на английском языке для студентов университетов Дании в Оденсе и Вайле на тему «Коммуникации в менеджменте» по программе Erasmus. Три группы 20,20 и 51 участник, студенты из 11 европейских стран.

Для меня это серьезный опыт,  и в целом я очень довольна результатами и благодарю университет за предоставленную возможность.

My communication training for the students of different faculties (Sales, Sports, Finance) in Lillebaelt University (Odense, Vajle).

Отзывы студентов (feedback):

«One of the best workshops of communication I’ve had because of the dynamic in it and the theory. I just want to add that you could come more often to our class sharing more of your stories and knowledge =)»

«Hi Maria.

Thank you for a great workshop. It was very good that you had pictures and illustrations on the slides because it helped to understand everything better!

I would maybe add a little more structure to the slides so the class doesn’t get distracted.

I also think that all the group work and participation we did was awesome!

We learnt more from being a part of the tasks!»

Teaching "Communication in management

«It was a great lecture! It was fun, learning, active and interactive. A really good way to learn.

I have no other comments. You are a teacher!»


«Dear Maria

I’m hereby sending you a little feedback on the culture day we had at our school last Friday.

I think your «lecture» was very well arranged and I liked the active approach you had to it — especially since you were the last one to present so we needed some diversity in the way of presenting.

It was a good idea to have us walk around and talk in different pairs/groups.

But most importantly, it all succeeded because of your positive attitude and approach to us.

Have a nice day!
Kind regards, Mads



Training Communication in management

Dear Maria Zargoskaya

Thank you for the lecture you did for us this friday.

It was a good and different way to end a long day of lectures. Moving around and talking to people had a good effect on the activity level.

But in order to make it more effective, you maybe have to take the charge. Just so people do not just choose the person standing next to them for the different exercises.

Learning by doing is working really well. If it was one long lecture nothing would have latched on to the memory.

Best regards, Mathias & Mick


Hej Maria :-)

Your presentation was inspiration, and the excises was good!

The active teaching did that it were funnier and easier to understand your examples and materiale, and the discussions in group gave more opinions to the work.

Best regards, Melina & Louise


communication training 

Dear Maria

Thank you for the lecture this friday, it was a pleasure. It was a fun and difference experience to learn by those exercises. It made us think that communication is not just a simple thing.

Sincere, Rasmus


Dear Maria,

Thank you for your active lecture last Friday. I got a lot from that day. You made the truth of communication easier to understand in a vivid way. All of us are participate in. It is very marvellous.Thank you.

Best wishes, Zhimeng


Good morning, thank you for coming last friday; Your lesson was very interesting; i liked it a lot; expecially groups exercises; they were funny and also effective;

Body language and expressions makes you understand a lot about comunication with other people.

Thank you. Have a nice day. Best regards. Paola


My communication training in DenmarkHi.

Thx for the lecture at Friday (7/10-2016) it was a very nice time to have you.

Hopefully u enjoy’ed it as much as i did )) /Henrik.


Dear Maria,

It was a fine and different presentation you done here friday.

Some benefits will be your motivation-factor and the way you got
everyone active.

Best regards, Christopher


Dear Maria,

I really liked your way of lecturing as it was very active and we could look into the subject closer through the discussion in groups with examples from our everyday life.

For me, especially the last task (repeat, affirm, add) is something to remember for the future.

Thank you!

Best regards, Sarah


Very good with exercises.

Sometimes it was difficult to understand but it maked sence in the end.

The last exercise was good. I think I will use it often when I work in a store. The rest was good and informative.


training of Maria ZagorskayaI know something new now

-can use it in the future

-good exercises

-great learning


-very inspiring and open

-good powerpoint

-good points

Informative and creative, Thank you J


You has very good examples

It’s good you keep smiling

Useful –the demonstration of the last exercise.

I agree that communication is very important to be good at because it makes it easeier to get a good contact. And I like to add that it was very useful with the lesson today. Thank you!


It was very interesting

New ways of thinking

Very good to make the class participate.

Very inspiring

Dynamic and fun.

Really useful lecture, exciting, good with the exercises in class. The only adjustment is that it could be a little bit longer=)



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